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How to Manage Burning Yeast Infection Symptoms

Women wearing skirts and high heels suffering from burning yeast infection symptoms.

Ugh, it’s happening again. You’re having the telltale signs and symptoms of a yeast infection (you know, itching, redness, burning, white discharge) but you’re hesitant to use any over-the-counter products because they all feel so harsh and irritating. We’ve been there—and we have something brand new that just may work for you. 

We are excited to announce our new Yeast Infection Gentle Relief - 2 Day Dose!


This product came about as a direct result of feedback from our customers. You asked, we listened, and now there’s a soothing new yeast infection product for sensitive skin.


yeast infection gentle relief product from FemiClear for burning yeast infection symptoms

Is the Gentle Relief yeast infection product made with organic ingredients?

Our standard yeast infection formula is a natural and effective yeast infection ointment, made with organic ingredients including oxygenated olive oil, olive extract, calendula and melaleuca. It’s highly antifungal and has been proven to kill more than 99% of tough-to-treat yeast*.



non-toxic, organic ingredients flat lay on a pink background in FemilClear gentle relief yeast infection ointment for burning yeast infection symptoms and sensitive skin


Why did FemiClear make a gentle formula?

Many people with more sensitive skin experienced burning when they were using the vaginal ointment. We read your reviews, fielded your customer service messages and answered your emails…and came up with Gentle Relief, which is just as effective at killing yeast as our original formula. Don’t worry - our existing 2 Day Dose isn’t going anywhere! We simply wanted to take care of those with more sensitive vaginal tissue.


Why does yeast infection ointment burn?

A burning sensation in the vagina is common when you have a yeast infection—and unfortunately, it’s also a common side effect of yeast infection treatment, especially with conventional products. Dr. Okeom Mmeje, MD, MPH is a member of our Medical Advisory Board, and says it's important to treat a yeast infection early.


A quote from Dr. Okeoma Mmeje discussing the importance of treating early to minimize the burning caused by yeast infections


The irritation in your vagina is already causing that fiery feeling…and the truth is, the longer you wait to treat, the more intense the burning can be when you decide to use medication. The earlier you treat the yeast infection, the lower the chances of feeling like your whole lower half is in need of a hose down. 


Is it normal for my vagina to burn?

So although burning is technically “normal” and a symptom of yeast infections, when you have an overgrowth of yeast in your vagina, it is not a guaranteed part of your healing process. We believe that women need more options when it comes to yeast infections, including options that are natural and actually effective. That’s why we worked hard in the lab to come up with a gentler yeast infection product: Gentle Relief!


Is Gentle Relief as effective as the original 2 Day Product?

We changed our existing formula to make a yeast infection product for sensitive skin. True to our science-backed ethos, we conducted an in vitro test and a vaginal irritation test to see its effectiveness against yeast and ensure a more gentle experience. Gentle Relief is just as effective at killing yeast as our original formula but with a gentler approach. This formula is perfect for people with sensitive skin (both inside and outside of the V), people who are already having significant burning as a yeast infection symptom, and for people with prolonged infections.

Gentle Relief comes in a 2 Day Dose, always accompanied by our Itch Relief Ointment for external itching and irritation (included in box). All orders are shipped in discreet unbranded packages with a return address from OrganiCare.


FemiClear Gentle Relief offers symptom relief as potent as the original formula for sensitive skin


At FemiClear, we’re committed to a new paradigm of feminine health products. We believe in using organic, natural ingredients that effectively address the problem so you can get back to living your happiest, healthiest life. From our groundbreaking herpes symptom relief line to our soothing Feminine Wash and yeast infection products, we’re here to help you bring natural harmony to your V. 


Claims based on clinical and/or in vitro laboratory (non-human, non-animal) studies, and traditional homeopathic practice (not accepted medical evidence; not FDA evaluated). These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product in not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*An independent accredited lab performed an in vitro (non-human/non-animal) time-kill study to measure the amount of C. albicans, C.glabrata, and C. parapsilosis that was killed. These yeast are thought to cause 95% of all vaginal yeast infections.

**If symptoms do not improve in 3 days, stop use and ask your doctor. According to the Mayo Clinic¹ , the general consensus in the scientific community is that most yeast infections take between three and seven days for all symptoms to fully resolve and the infection to be eliminated.

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