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Application Type Ointment + Disposable Applicator Ointment + Disposable Applicator x2

Signs of Yeast Infection

Typical signs that you may have a Yeast Infection are: vaginal discharge, vaginal rash, swelling and redness of the vulva, vaginal soreness and pain, burning sensation while peeing or during sex, itching and irritation in the vagina or around the vulva. You may have only a few of these symptom and they maybe mild or severe. According to the CDC you are more likely to get vaginal candidiasis if you are: pregnant, use hormonal contraceptives, have diabetes, have a weakened immune system, or are taking or have recently taken antibiotics.

Yeast Infection While Pregnant

It’s very common to have a yeast infection during pregnancy due to hormone changes that may throw off the pH balance of your vagina. It is recommended to see your doctor first before using any over the counter medications so you can be sure the symptoms are actually due to a yeast infection before starting treatment.

Organic & Natural Yeast Infection Treatment Over the Counter

Some popular natural home remedies women use for treating yeast infections are: greek yogurt, boric acid (if you are pregnant, do not use boric acid an any form), essential oil of oregano, probiotic supplements, coconut oil, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, garlic, hydrogen peroxide (there is no strong research that supports using hydrogen peroxide will treat vaginal infections), vitamin C, and vitamin E.

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