Over-the-Counter Symptom Relief for
BV, Yeast Infection, and Genital Herpes

herpes symptom relief

Herpes Symptom Relief

Tired of painful, long-lasting outbreaks?

Restore health to your vaginal microbiome

Vaginal Health

Need relief from itching, fishy odor, or irritation?

Daily support to keep your vagina healthy

Daily Support

Restoring and protecting to help support a healthy vagina

Relief for men from herpes symptoms

HClear for Him

Relief from itching, tingling, and burning genital herpes symptoms

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My symptoms were completely gone in 3 days. I have never tried anything else that worked this fast and this well.”

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Bacterial Vaginosis

Relieves unpleasant odor,
itching, and excess
discharge symptoms.

All Natural and Organic Vaginal Infection and Herpes Treatment products

Powered by Nature. Proven by Science.

When your vagina is out of balance, it feels like everything else is as well. We understand how it feels to be out of sync with your center, so we work with expert scientists and medical professionals to develop the relief you deserve. Through science and testing, we prove the efficacy and safety of our products to create fast-acting formulas made from organic and all-natural ingredients that really work. Everyone deserves to feel balance and joy within their vagina, that’s what we call "Joie de V"

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  • Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Symptoms | FemiClear®

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  • Multi Symptom Relief for Genital Herpes Symptoms | FemiClear®

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  • HClear for Him for Genital Herpes Symptoms - Multi Symptom

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  • Yeast Infection Gentle Relief - 2 Day Dose | FemiClear®

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Trusted by Doctors

“I’m excited to be partnered with a groundbreaking company that makes over-the-counter products proven effective through rigorous testing. It’s truly unique to combine efficacy with organic, all-natural ingredients. I fully support FemiClear’s efforts to address sensitive topics and I am proud to help them shape a more positive narrative around feminine health. These conversations can sometimes be difficult, but with the availability of an over-the-counter treatment, they are necessary.”

Feedback From Our Customers


Wow this stuff is incredible. It has helped me out more than anything else I have used my entire life. I am so thankful I got the chance to try this out. There’s no turning back now. I love this stuff.

Multi Symptom Relief for Genital Herpes
Works Better Than Most Brands

I’m on antibiotics a lot and being female we always have to worry about the dreadful yeast infections. Femiclear yeast infection treatment is now my go to brand. This stuff is easy to apply and fast to get things back to normal “down south”. I like that it includes the anti-itch cream, it’s definitely something every woman needs on hand. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Yeast Infection - 2 Day Dose
My Life Just Got Easier

I have been fighting yeast infections for many years and have tried everything on both sides of the counter at the pharmacy. I have never been able to find relief… I just tried this 2 day dose of FemiClear and I got immediate relief with the first dose and then by the 2nd day I felt as if I was healed. The itching was completely gone and I am pleased to say that it has remained so. I recommend that any woman who struggles like I did… try this and then keep a few on hand. I am so thankful this amazing item found me.

Yeast Infection - 2 Day Dose
Gentle and Effective

This topical helps calm HSV flare ups. A little goes a long way. I use it as soon as I feel an outbreak coming on. I highly recommend it. It also helps shorten the length of my outbreaks by days. Can’t beat that.

Multi Symptom Relief for Genital Herpes

The packaging is great. The instructions were easy to follow…It helped the itchiness almost immediately. The tingly feelings too. This product deserves an award for helping at the right times and working so fast.

Multi Symptom Relief for Genital Herpes
I'm So Thankful!!

I have battled yeast infections a few times the last few years and I have struggled with finding something that would help clear it up quickly. I love how easy this was to use and the instructions are clear with what to do. I can say it helped me clear the infection up within a few days and I was happy because I had never had something help me so quickly.

Yeast Infection - 2 Day Dose