Daily Vaginal Support

Restoring and Protecting to Help Support a Healthy Vagina

  • Feminine Dual-Action Probiotic | FemiClear® Restoratives

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  • Feminine Wash | FemiClear® Restoratives

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  • Bacterial Vaginosis Symptom Relief + Daily Care Kit

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  • Yeast Infection Relief 2 Day Dose + Daily Vaginal Care Kit

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Why do I need a vaginal probiotic?

Many things can disrupt your vaginal microbiome such as sex, menstruation, aging, stress, or the use of antibiotics. So, what is vaginal microbiome? A healthy vagina has a delicate balance of beneficial bacteria and yeast. When your body gets out of sync, yeast and bacteria can overgrow resulting in an infection. Maintaining a healthy vaginal pH and microbiome is key to helping prevent issues. Taking a daily probiotic, helps allow you to take control of your vaginal health!

Why do I need a feminine wash?

While the vagina cleans itself, the vulva does not! As for the vulva, it needs safe and external cleansing to protect the vaginal environment. Many things can cause vaginal irritation, such as yeast infections, menstruation, or adventurous sex 😉(wink emoji), sometimes your vulva just needs some calming.

Daily use products to support vaginal health

If you're looking for a product to help support a healthy vulva and vagina, at FemiClear we have what you need. Our soothing feminine wash is an ultra-gentle, hypoallergenic intimate wash made just for women. Use it daily in the shower or bath and you'll feel more confident and comfortable all day long.

Probiotics to help vaginal microbiome balance

Our Feminine Probiotic is perfect for daily use. Giving you the peace of mind knowing that you're taking care of your health in the best way possible.