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FemiClear: Addressing Sensitive Conditions No One Wants

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We’re FemiClear. We break boundaries in over-the-counter vaginal healthcare by tackling conditions many don’t want to discuss – like genital herpes and yeast infections – to help shatter stigmas, educate others and heal our bodies.


While most people who experience a vaginal health issue want the problem solved quickly, they’re also mindful about the ingredients in the products they’re using in such an intimate area. FemiClear’s products are made with natural and organic ingredients, and free of harmful synthetic chemicals and toxins. 


Genital Herpes Symptoms Multi-Symptom Relief Product Image

FemiClear’s family of products address the following issues:


  • Genital Herpes Symptoms. A topical ointment for genital herpes symptoms that kills 99.9% of HSV I and II viruses* and reduces pain, burning, and itching in over 90% of users**
  • Yeast Infections. 1 Day Dose and 2-Day Dose products to address yeast infections. Our 2-Day Dose product was designated a winner of a NEXTY Award at the Natural Products Expo in 2019
  • Yeast Infections for Sensitive Skin. A new Gentle yeast infection product for women with extra sensitive vaginal skin
  • Promote Healthy Vaginal Flora. Probiotics to help prevent recurrence of vaginal microbiome imbalances and to help maintain a healthy vaginal pH
  • Supplement for People with Genital Herpes. A drink mix with lysine to promote immunity and provide stress support. 
  • Feminine Wash. Ultra-Gentle Feminine Wash that helps soothe itching and irritation
  • Feminine Wash with lysine & lemon balm. Feminine wash that is gentle enough to be used during a genital herpes outbreak


At FemiClear, we’re committed to a new paradigm of feminine health products. We believe in using organic and natural ingredients that effectively address symptoms so you can get back to living your happiest, healthiest life. From our groundbreaking herpes symptom relief line to our yeast infection products, our reviews speak for themselves:


“I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. As a chronic yeast infection member, with some BV issues after I had my child, I swear by this product! It has been a life saver for me! Thank you FemiClear for saving the life of my vagina!” 


“I tried FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms and I was surprised at how fast I felt relief from burning and itching. I used it as soon as I knew I was having symptoms. I also like that it’s made from all natural, organic ingredients. My outbreaks are shorter after I have been using this, and I’m going to keep using this. It makes the outbreaks so much more manageable.”


Despite how common genital herpes and vaginal infections are, the persistent stigma around these conditions leaves many people feeling in the dark. FemiClear is focused on creating over-the-counter products for vaginal health and building a solid resource for people desperately searching for answers.


FemiClear’s products can be found in major national and regional drug stores and retailers including CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Amazon, and more. 


This blog is for NACDS TSE 2022 attendees. 


Claims based on clinical and/or in vitro laboratory (non-human, non-animal) studies, and traditional homeopathic practice (not accepted medical evidence; not FDA evaluated). These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product in not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Independent laboratory test measured the antiviral activity of FemiClear using a suspension time-kill procedure against herpes simplex I & II. Not a cure for herpes or a replacement for prescription antiviral medication.

**As self-reported in a comprehensive IRB approved study of >50 women diagnosed and actively experiencing a genital herpes outbreak. These women received modest compensation. Not a cure for herpes or a replacement for prescription antiviral medication. Individual results may vary. Data on file, contact FemiClear.

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