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Are Probiotics Good for Vaginal Health?

What Probiotics Are Good For Vaginal Health

What are the benefits of Probiotics?

You’re probably familiar with the benefits of probiotics. These handy little supplements consist of live bacteria that are beneficial to your body. It’s important that our bodies have huge numbers of good bacteria teeming in them, from our mouths to our stomachs to yes, our vaginas. 

That’s because of the microbiome. The microbiome is the giant, invisible ecosystem of bacteria that lives in and on your body. You are home to trillions of bacteria, many of which do important jobs to keep you healthy. Essential for immunity, digestion, and other aspects of health, the bacteria in your microbiome are the unseen helpers who balance your body. 

So, back to the vagina (one of our favorite topics, as a feminine health company!). As anyone who has ever had a yeast infection can loudly attest, when the bacteria in your vagina are off, you can really feel it. The vagina itself is a microsystem of your microbiome, and the bacteria in it are affected by everything from your menstrual cycle to your hygiene to your diet. 

See the connection? If we need good bacteria for our microbiome in general, we also need it for our vaginas. Which brings us right back to where we began: probiotics. Are probiotics good for vaginal health? The short answer is yes! For the long answer (and what we’re doing here at FemiClear to help your vaginal balance), read on. 

Vaginal Infections and Probiotics

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) and yeast infections are two of the most common vaginal infections. BV occurs when harmful bacteria (usually Gardnerella vaginalis or Prevotella) outnumber healthy types of bacteria (like Lactobacillus—yes, the same thing that’s in yogurt!) in the vagina. Yeast infections occur when a fungus called Candida gets out of balance with the other bacterias and yeasts in the vagina. 

As you can see, the balance of healthy vs not-so-healthy bacteria in the vagina can be a bit of a delicate process. Most often, the vagina itself is able to regulate without much of a problem. But when those infections crop up, having a way to repopulate with healthy bacteria can solve the problem and soothe the issue, as well as prove preventative against future infections. 


If you experience recurring yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis, taking a probiotic for vaginal health can make a difference in populating your vagina with “good” bugs and bacteria. The more beneficial strains of bacteria that your body is populated with, the lesser the chance the bad bacteria (responsible for BV and yeast) will gain hold and create an infection in your V. 

The evidence on probiotics for vaginal health is still emerging, but research is promising. A 2008 article in the journal Interdisclipinary Perspectives on Infectious Diseases found “growing efficacy” for probiotics and the vaginal microbiome. Some benefits have been shown for the treatment of candidiasis (yeast) as well. 

While some doctors feel there’s not enough evidence to recommend vaginal probiotic use to all women, there’s still good reason to try one out if you think you can benefit.  Our bodies are systems, so they work in tandem—supporting your microbiome via probiotics is a net positive for your body. What’s good for your vagina is going to be good for the rest of your body. And vice versa!

Here at FemiClear, we believe everyone deserves a healthy V, all the time. Our new vaginal probiotic was specially-formulated with the clinical strength L. plantarum ROSELLA. Supported by six clinical studies, ROSELLA is one of the most documented probiotic strains in the world for vaginal health. This probiotic can maintain pH and flora diversity associated with a healthy vaginal microbiome for 90 days* while helping prevent recurrence of vaginal imbalance.

Free of preservatives, synthetic colors, artificial flavors, sweeteners, lactose, gluten, yeast and soy, our probiotic for vaginal health helps you maintain a healthy vaginal pH for 90 days. It contains a blend of thymoquin black seed oil, MCT oil, and sea buckthorn oil to prevent vaginal itching and irritation, as well as assist in hydration.  

Check out FemiClear Restoratives Feminine Dual-Action Probiotic and see if it’s right for your vaginal health. 

Probiotic for vaginal yeast infections


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