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Get Relief with Lemon Balm and Lysine for Herpes Symptoms

A woman in a bath with citrus and flowers after using lemon balm and lysine for herpes symptom help.

Herpes (HSV-1 and HSV-2) is kind of a mysterious virus. For some, the virus remains dormant and they never get an outbreak, others get one or two over the course of a lifetime, and others get an outbreak every full moon. If you’re in the last category, you’d probably do anything to help limit and treat those pesky, itchy, symptoms, which always seem to pop up at the most inopportune times. That’s where we come in!

At FemiClear, helping you live your healthiest life with herpes is our goal—and we’ll always do it with all-natural ingredients you can feel good about putting on and in your body.

While no herb, remedy, cream, salve, or medication can ever cure you of herpes, can support a shorter outbreak duration and provide symptom relief. Two well-known compounds may support your body if you have the Herpes virus. There is evidence you can shorten or prevent symptoms when you use lemon balm and lysine for herpes outbreaks.

Read on to learn how both lemon balm and lysine are beneficial for people who have herpes symptoms. Of course, there is no cure for herpes, but this information can help you understand how helpful it might be to incorporate these natural substances in your routine.

Lemon Balm for Herpes Symptoms

Lemon balm (melissa officinalis) is a lemony-smelling herb in the mint family, originally cultivated in the Mediterranean. Loved by herbalists for its many uses (from mood support to stress to digestion), lemon balm is a gentle herb that has a long history of use by humans. It has a pleasant, light taste and is commonly used in herbal teas or taken as an extract (also known as a tincture). You may have encountered it in an herb garden, tea blend, or even in a fruit salad.

Not only can the application of lemon balm lessen the duration of time that you experience a herpes outbreak, it also has a soothing effect on the itchy, tingly symptoms, too, according to a paper in the journal Phytomedicine. Other research shows that it can inhibit the replication of the herpes virus. A 2008 study with lemon balm essential oil showed that this form of the plant can also be effective against herpes symptoms.

Lysine for Herpes Symptoms

Lysine is an essential amino acid (amino acids are the building blocks of protein). It is responsible for helping the body do a few different things, like absorb calcium, convert fatty acids into energy, and form collagen. Your body can’t make it by itself, so you must get it from food or supplements. Foods that are high in lysine include meat, beans, eggs, cheese, and collagen peptides (yep, just like the ones you might already be putting in your coffee or tea!). Most foods that have protein have some lysine in them.

Lysine is also one of the best-known supplements to help the body prevent herpes outbreaks. Often available in a balm or capsule form, lysine works by preventing the activity of arginine, another amino acid that can allow herpes to replicate.1

Research has continually demonstrated lysine’s effectiveness against herpes symptoms. A 2017 review of the available medical evidence found a reduction in recurrence of herpes with higher dosages of lysine (more than 3000 mg/a day). It can be also effective when taken in addition to prescription antiviral medication.

FemiClear Restorative Products to Help with Herpes

Here at FemiClear, we are committed to using natural and organic ingredients to help you live your best life with herpes. Although we already offer several products to help you during an active outbreak (hey there Multi-Symptom Relief for Genital Herpes Symptoms and CUROXEN Cold Sore Relief!), we knew we could harness the power of both lemon balm and lysine to help you support reduced outbreaks.

Our new supplement Immunity and Stress Support* drink mix is an innovative way to support your body daily or during times of increased stress. Specially formulated with 3000 of clinical strength lysine and 500 mg of lemon balm, the drink mix utilizes these natural ingredients to help you live your healthiest life with herpes.  The supplement also includes ashwagandha (great for stress), vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc to support your immune system.


FemiClear Ultra Gentle Wash with Lemon Balm and Lysine for herpes symptom relief.


According to studies, 3000 mg of lysine is needed to reap the benefits. That is why we included the full 3000mg. Unlike most supplement tablets, where you need to take a whole handful of pills—up to 6! — to reach a clinical strength dosage, our drink mix has the therapeutic dose shown to be most effective in research. Plus, it’s conveniently packaged in a portable packet…no pill bottles needed.

Shop Our Best Sellers for Herpes Relief and More

Immunity and Stress Support drink mix is best used daily, during times of increased stress (like job interviews or wedding), or at the first sign (tingle) of an outbreak. Simply mix with three (3) fluid ounces of water (or a double shot) and support your body’s stress response with ease.

Our new FemiClear Ultra-Gentle Feminine Wash with Lysine & Lemon Balm is another way you can add lysine to your routine. Formulated with lysine, lemon balm, and colloidal oatmeal, our feminine wash helps calm irritated skin and soothe itching. We’ve also added a prebiotic to the wash to support beneficial bacteria in your V. Our Feminine Wash is perfect to use during an outbreak to soothe symptoms, but the ultra-gentle ingredients are also great for daily vaginal support.



*FemiClear is not a herpes medication and is not intended to cure or treat herpes.


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