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What Causes Vaginal Burning?

What Causes Vaginal Burning?

Vaginal burning is an uncomfortable symptom that many women experience far more frequently than we would like to. It’s primarily the result of sensitive skin on the inside of the vagina and vulva getting irritated. This irritation can happen for many reasons, such as exposing the vagina to feminine washes that are not vagina-friendly (ours is!).

In addition, there are some women that are allergic to different detergents and ingredients in various products. Others may be affected by a sexually transmitted disease like chlamydia, which is the most likely STI to cause a burning sensation. However, out of all of the reasons above, the most likely reason for vaginal burning continues to be yeast infections. 


Why Do Yeast Infections Burn? 

As you may know, a yeast infection is an infection that is caused by fungi named candida. It happens when the bacterial balance is disrupted in your vagina, allowing the yeast to multiply at a very rapid rate. Now, you’re probably wondering why do yeast infections cause you to experience vaginal burning? One reason is that the candida fungi on their own can be extremely irritating to your already super sensitive vulvar and vaginal skin.

In addition, burning can be worsened if you give in to the itching sensation and scratch your sensitive pelvic skin. This can introduce microscopic skin tears, which can cause swelling and burning, especially when you urinate or engage in sexual activity. While this is temporarily uncomfortable, everything will return to normal once your skin heals. 

woman bending down due to vaginal burning discomfort

I Am Having Burning Below the Waist! What Do I Do Next? 

Vaginal burning is definitely not a symptom that you want to ignore. In fact, ignoring it only allows the symptoms to get worse. Therefore, you may find yourself wondering what you should do for vaginal itch relief. 

If this is the first time you have experienced vaginal burning, you may want to check with your doctor to ensure the diagnosis. They can run a test and swab your vagina to check to see if it is yeast that is causing these symptoms. They may also want to run a full STI panel to make sure that it is not something else that is causing your symptoms. This STI rule-out is especially important if you are sexually active and particularly if you are sexually active with multiple partners. However, if you have already had a yeast infection in the past and are confident about the symptoms you are experiencing, you can find an over-the-counter product for your symptoms.


What Yeast Infection Products Do You Have for Vaginal Itch Relief?

The good news is that many options are available on the market without needing a prescription from your doctor. The bad news is that not all options are created equally. Some of them are not as effective as others, and some may be messy or uncomfortable to use. 

Fortunately, FemiClear offers multiple all-natural products for even the most stubborn yeast infections, including a 1 day and 2 day dose option and an all-new Gentle Relief formulation. 


FemiClear’s Yeast Infection - 1 Day Dose

Looking for an over-the-counter yeast infection product? FemiClear’s 1 Day Dose Yeast Infection ointment is great for you if you are experiencing mild symptoms or if you caught your yeast infection at its earliest stage. All you need to do is fill the applicator and gently insert it into your vagina at bedtime. If you are experiencing a lot of itching, you may also want to use the accompanying ointment on your sensitive vulvar skin. 

The great news is that the all-natural ingredients, including olive oil, have been shown to kill more than 99% percent of yeast*. 


FemiClear’s Yeast Infection - 2 Day Dose

Our 2 Day Dose Yeast Infection ointment is designed for moderate to intense symptoms. You will apply the ointment to your vagina on two back-to-back nights.

latina woman and orange flowers


FemiClear’s New Gentle Relief

At FemiClear, we pride ourselves on listening to customer feedback. We believe that you know your body better than anyone else. For example, some of our customers told us they were experiencing irritation and increased burning with our traditional formulation. We learned that many of these women had very sensitive skin and were long-term sufferers of particularly persistent infections. 

So, we returned to the drawing board to develop a new formula - Gentle Relief 2 Day Dose. This formulation is all-natural and is still based on using the highest quality, organic olive oil. 


The great news is that this new formula has reduced the burning sensation that some women had experienced. Yet, at the same time, it has proven to be just as effective at killing even the most persistent candida. 


If you do still experience burning after using this product and the burning persists for more than 72 hours, make sure to reach out to your medical provider for advice. Vaginal products might not be right for you. 

yeast infection comparison chart 1 day and 2 day treatment

FemiClear also has a Vaginal Itch Relief Ointment which soothes external irritation and discomfort, and can be used whenever you need it.

You deserve to use products that aren’t harsh and that offer the most natural symptom relief possible. There is hope out there and it’s only a mouse click away. Visit the product section of our site and buy one of FemiClear’s great, vaginal yeast infection natural relief options.


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Claims based on clinical and/or in vitro laboratory (non-human, non-animal) studies, and traditional homeopathic practice (not accepted medical evidence; not FDA evaluated). These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product in not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


*An independent accredited lab performed an in vitro (non-human/non-animal) time-kill study to measure the amount of C. albicans, C.glabrata, and C. parapsilosis that was killed. These yeast are thought to cause 95% of all vaginal yeast infections.

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