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Do Organic Vaginal Products Really Work?

Do Organic Vaginal Products Really Work?

If you’re like us, you want to use natural and organic products as much as possible, including on your vulva and vagina. Because hey, keeping nasty chemicals and toxins out of your most sensitive areas of your body just seems like a good idea, right?  Right!

Still, even us savvy consumers are left with a lot of questions when shopping for safe, non-toxic vaginal health products. Like what actually makes a vaginal product all-natural or organic? How can I read labels effectively? How do I know if there are non-organic ingredients included in the cream or ointment (especially ones that may cause issues)?

Here at FemiClear, we are committed to transparency—just as much as we are committed to making awesome natural products that help you get back to the life you love. Here’s our take on organic vaginal creams, if they work, and what you should consider when shopping for products for your feminine health. 

What makes a product organic?

You’re probably familiar with organic food, but organic personal care products? Yes, the products you put in and on your body can (and should!) be organic whenever possible. Although this terminology is not regulated by the FDA, a personal care product can generally be considered to be organic if at least 70% of the ingredients are organic.

FemiClear takes our use of the word organic seriously. From sourcing the plant material that goes into our vaginal health products to our strict manufacturing practices, we believe that “organic” should mean safe, natural, and free of toxins—from the farm to your bathroom cabinet. 

What causes vaginal itch?

Vaginal itching is caused by a number of factors. Infections (like a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, a urinary tract infection or sexually-transmitted infection) are one of the most frequent causes of itching. But if your vulva or vagina is irritated, it may not mean that you have an infection: irritation from clothing, sexual contact, hygiene products (like lotions, body washes or soaps), sweat, and more can all cause vaginal itching, too.

Will an organic cream for vaginal itching give me relief?

Yes! It’s a misconception that you need heavy-duty chemicals to get relief from vaginal itching. Organic vaginal creams achieve results with gentle, nature-based ingredients that work with your body to restore equilibrium. 

Does FemiClear have a cream for vaginal itching?

 Yes! Our product Vaginal Itch Relief is a fast-acting ointment that provides all-natural relief from vaginal itching. It’s made with organic ingredients, including ​​oxygenated olive oil, chamomilla, colloidal oatmeal, beeswax, and essential oils. 

Unlike most yeast infection treatments, our ointments give you relief with all-natural ingredients. Using oxygenated olive oil combined with powerful olive extract, soothing calendula, and anti-fungal melaleuca (tea tree oil), we’ve created an effective yeast infection treatment that kills up to 99% of yeast—yet is gentle on you and your vaginal flora. We’ve found that our formula is especially effective for people who have recurrent yeast infections and struggle to find relief with drug-based treatments. 

 What should you NOT put in your vagina?

We think harsh ingredients like benzocaine or hydrocortisone aren’t ideal for use in the vagina for multiple reasons, including that they can only be used in limited doses and may upset your vaginal microbiome. It’s also important to keep other ingredients, like petroleum, propylene glycol, and parabens out of this delicate, sensitive (yet powerful) part of your body. 

Unlike most companies offering natural and organic products, we lead with proven efficacy. We go above and beyond in product testing to ensure our natural products really work before they hit shelves. Check out our 1 Day and 2 Day Yeast Infection, and Vaginal Itch Relief ointments for all of your relief needs.

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